Can you think of any more used or useful fruit than the Lemon? We use them for Lemonade, lemon Sherbet. We add it to our iced tea, put lemon wheels in our water glass, a lemon wedge or lemon twist is the final touch to your favorite adult beverage. And don't forget how the fresh sent of lemon gives the house that perfectly clean smell. Now you can get all of those things (well not the clean house part) just by opening a bag of Shivers Lemon Flavored Ice Cubes. The fresh lemon scent, the crisp lemon taste all there in a convenient form for you to use. Liven up just about any beverage with the fresh taste of lemon. But don't stop with drinks, be Creative!

Shivers Lemon flavored Ice; pure and natural. Genuine lemon essence in every bag!

Shivers Lemon ice cubes: Like relaxing with an old friend!