A Brief History of Us

Since 1935 Southern California Ice Co. has been producing quality ice products for home use. In the late 1990's the creative minds in ow marketing department (yes there ARE creative minds in the ice industry...who knew?) came up with the brilliant idea of flavoring ow ice!

It all began when our Marketing Director, after a long hard morning, was ordering a beverage (no need to tell you what kind) at a local establishment and was asked if he wanted a lemon twist with that. With that simple question the course of our company changed forever. The seed of an idea began to germinate... what if the ice already had the fruit in it?

Think of the possibilities. Lemon for your iced tea! The tang of citrus taking the edge off your diet soda! An added kick of lime to enhance your favorite blended beverage! Smoothies where the ice increased the flavor instead of watering it down! The list went on and on. All with the simple act of adding ice, something you were doing anyway.

The dedicated manager rushed back to his office. There, burning the midnight oil he began the process of what was to become SHIVERS FLAVORED ICE. A long and arduous journey that resulted in what we now proudly offer as the premium ice product and (as far as we know) the only flavored ice line available in the nation.

Shivers is brought to you in three delicious flavors; Lemon, Lime and Mandarin Orange. Each is made with the finest ingredients. Each is completely natural without any sugar or preservatives. Quality, convenience and innovation all in an ice cube!

Southern California Ice Co., producers of Shivers Flavored Ice, is family owned and operated and has been since its inception. The third generation of intrepid ice makers, under the guidance of the family matriarch, (think holiday gathering with all the relatives there...but every day) is currently guiding this innovative and creative organization into the future.